Cell tabs for pouch cells designed and manufactured at scale in the UK

Connecting to a greener world

Releasing the power of cutting edge battery technologies

Innovative cell tab solutions for the next generation of pouch cells

World Leading Battery Tabs That Drive Electrification

Born from 25 years of expertise at Avocet Precision Metals, Avocet Battery Materials are a cell tab manufacturing company based in the UK. ABM’s Innovation Centre is the first of its kind in Europe and is at the forefront of developing sustainable solutions for the battery industry.

Working directly with cell manufacturers and battery research institutions to develop and manufacture tabs for high performance cells.

Europe’s first Innovation Centre dedicated to the research, manufacture and testing of tabs for the next generation of batteries.

Supplier of precision battery foils helping cell manufacturers and research institutions transition from concept to mass production.

We created ABM to fulfil an unmet need in the market; a development partner for tomorrows cell manufacturers focused solely on the manufacture of tabs and connectors. We provide the knowledge and expertise that our customers need to optimise their cell from both a power and energy perspective but also safety and reliability.

Our modular manufacturing model allows us to scale up to support giga factories thus ensuring continuity of supply as the demand for our tab products grow. ABM’s world class R&D team is focused on improving the lifespan and performance of our tabs so that we are constantly innovating and adapting to the latest in battery technology trends. In addition our ancillary foil products complement our manufacturing capabilities so that we provide a total solution for cell manufacturers.

Kieren Hall
ABM Chief Executive Officer

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