Our Mission

To become the world leading producer of key components and materials for new battery technologies.

Electrification is changing our society and there has never been a greater need for humanity to work together.

This is essential to achieve the common goal of reducing CO2 emissions and to halt the alarming pace of climate change and the devastating impact it is having on our environment. Sustainable sourcing of products is now emerging as the primary driver for buying decisions, over and above low costs.

Avocet Battery Materials (ABM) is at the forefront of a sustainable philosophy. ABM strongly believe that profits do not need to be compromised for sustainability.

The expertise and vibrancy in the ABM group is such that it catalyses the business to delivering its mission statement. Our foundational platform has created a culture which has quality embedded within and a deep understanding of our customers requirements. Our accomplished Engineering and Research team are dynamic and can meet the challenges ofthe most complex customer solutions.


Andy Bird
ABM Operations & Engineering Director

In order to achieve the future of electrification and reduce global CO2 emissions, manufacturing has to play its part and in particular a robust and reliable local supply chain is essential to service battery producers.

Where have ABM come from?

ABM was born out of Avocet Steel Strip Ltd. A family company with 25 years of experience in specialist strip metals.

ABM was created to localise the supply chain of key components and materials that are required for the growing lithium-ion cell manufacturing market here in Europe.

ABM is committed to utilising raw materials sourced in Europe that are fully traceable. These materials are manufactured into the very best cutting edge tabs designed in partnership with customers to meet the needs of the rapidly evolving electrification revolution.

Who do ABM work with?

ABM have partnered with established global battery manufacturers as well as new technology start ups and academic institutions. ABM work with customers to understand their needs and provide bespoke solutions that optimise cell performance.

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