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Corrosion Caused by HF A Silent Killer of Lithium-ion Batteries

Lithium-ion batteries are widely used in electronic devices due to their high energy density and long cycle life. However, the improper sealing of these batteries can cause corrosion and degradation of the components, leading to a reduction in the battery's...

Lead tab failure modes in pouch cells

Pouch cells are a popular type of lithium-ion battery that are widely used in various applications, such as electric vehicles, portable electronics, and grid storage systems. They consist of a flexible pouch or bag that contains the active electrode materials,...

The importance of tabs in preventing cell failure and increasing battery safety

Batteries are an integral part of modern life, powering everything from our mobile devices to electric
 cars. However, their operation and safety are often taken for granted. One critical safety feature of
 batteries that is often overlooked is the tab. In this...

ABM, Battery Tabs and Battery Materials

From the North of England Industrial Correspondent. Having heard of this new development in Holmes Chapel I was keen to talk to ABM's CSO to learn more. ABM is unique, that can be stated without any fear of exaggeration. It is to date the ONLY manufacturer of Cell...

From Trader to Manufacturer – Our Story So Far

Avocet Steel strip ltd was established in 1996, it was a product of the industrial turmoil of the late 1980s as the demand for steel and metals contracted in line with the offshoring of manufactured products. As customers closed or contracted steel and metals...

‘On Shoring’ – The New Buzz Word

The manufacturing sector in the UK economy today accounts for 12% of the national output falling from a peak of 46% in 1948. However it is  still worth £400 billion pa (ONS ,2019). The focus shift in this Post-War period has been from a UK manufacturing sector...

ABM keep hitting manufacturing goals in 2022

The next 3 months at ABM promise to be both exciting and extremely busy as numerous milestones are passed at hyper speed. Since moving into the new factory at Holmes Chapel in November ABM have built a world class team for R&D and the manufacture of bespoke...

ABM’s Manufacture of Pouch Cell Tabs

Avocet Steel has formed Avocet Battery Materials ltd (ABM) as its UK based Centre of Excellence for the manufacture of pouch cell tabs for lithium ion battery power units for Evs and other applications. ABM has been established to meet the twin challenges within the...

Just in Time

Oh No! A Fragility Foretold,lean both ways. Most people today working in manufacturing industry, retail or distribution take lean manufacturing and the "just in time" system of stock control and material supply for granted.As far as they are aware its always been done...
ABM Battery Tabs

Battery Tabs – ‘Little bits of metal’

In those far off days when The Royal Navy in oak built Frigates and Ships of the Line commanded by fearless and duty bound young men controlled the world’s oceans there arose a common saying amongst the cut throat crew below decks. – “don’t spoil the ship for a...

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