From the North of England Industrial Correspondent. Having heard of this new development in Holmes Chapel I was keen to talk to ABM’s CSO to learn more.

ABM is unique, that can be stated without any fear of exaggeration. It is to date the ONLY manufacturer of Cell Tabs and Battery Tabs not only in the UK or the EU but in the entire Western World. A product previously only produced in Asia, China, Japan or Korea is now manufactured here in the UK in Cheshire.

Geographical location though is not the only reason why ABM is unique.

I am told that it would be relatively easy to replicate the product produced by competitors but that is not sufficient to meet the rapidly changing requirements of European and American manufacturers of battery cells. These requirements demand selected battery tab raw materials that give the highest performance of cell tabs in terms of energy transfer and corrosion resistance. Efficient energy transfer is a key contributor to cell performance both for power delivery and charging .

Cell tab raw materials must come from reliable sources that guarantee continuity of supply and are sustainable and served by short supply chains.

It is also environmentally vital that battery tab raw materials are free from harmful chemistries in their composition. However, corrosion resistance is essential for Tab safety. Asian products are almost always treated with hexavalent chrome, a highly toxic substance which is outlawed in the UK and USA. ABM’s eco tabs achieve comparable or better corrosion resistance and polymer adhesion to Asian products through using innovative nontoxic pre-treatments.

So ABM is not replicating what has already been done. It has invested heavily in R&D and laboratory testing equipment and intends to lead the way in cell tab innovation to meet the needs of cell manufacturers who want high levels of power delivery and faster charge times.

ABM’s ambition is to become a world wide centre of excellence of battery tab and cell tab innovative manufacturing but that’s not all.

ABM’s also has extensive expertise in raw material selection which stems from 26 years experience in supplying precision metals to manufacturing industry. ABM also specialises in the supply of battery materials. Copper and nickel foils for anodes and aluminium foils for cathodes. Both products are available either exstock or on short delivery times.

The talented and knowledgeable team recognise that all customers are unique and will advise on product selection. In addition, ABM’s laboratory services are available to customers for bespoke research projects or investigations.

It is clear that this new Cheshire based innovative enterprise is set to make a significant impact on the supply chain for EVs and battery cells.