Avocet Steel has formed Avocet Battery Materials ltd (ABM) as its UK based Centre of Excellence for the manufacture of pouch cell tabs for lithium ion battery power units for Evs and other applications. ABM has been established to meet the twin challenges within the supply chain for the manufacture of lithium ion pouch cells, prismatic cells and solid state cells. Those challenges are firstly for a short, sustainable and environmentally friendly supply chain for li-ion battery manufacturers in the UK and Europe. Then secondly to develop the technology within pouch cell tabs that contributes to the drive to reduce charging times and increase battery capacity.

The pouch cell tabs and also the tabs for prismatic and solid state formats connect the anodes and cathodes and have the vital function of transferring power between the individual cells that comprise the total power unit. The efficiency of electrical power transfer and the safety of the pouch cells themselves are determined by the quality and design of the pouch cell tabs. ABM’s Centre of Excellence will work in partnership with customers to develop their individual pouch cell tabs, prismatic or solid state tabs in order to optimise the tabs performance towards each particular application.

ABM’s in house R&D understands the intimate relationship between component materials, surface treatments and tab size and shape. ABM’s ability to scale up to full manufacture will make in a key link in the European supply chain for EV batteries.

This is not just about now but also it’s the future – ABM’s R&D team are already looking towards the next generation of battery technology.