Project CHARGE is an ambitious initiative taken by Avocet Battery Materials aimed at transforming tab production for next-generation batteries. This project embodies our commitment to innovation, efficiency, and sustainability, heralding a new era in battery technology.

Project CHARGE, funded by the ATF-SuRV programme, focused on increasing our efficiencies, bringing new capabilities into our pilot facility in the UK, and consolidated a local supply chain of tabs for the Li-ion battery industry. Project CHARGE is a testament to our commitment to accelerating company progress and expanding market reach through the development of a high-speed, automated, and efficient tab production line. With a focus on customisation, robustness and sustainability, this project is poised to redefine industry standards and provide a platform for tab innovation.

The project consisted of several meticulously planned work packages, each with a distinct focus and financial allocation and we are thrilled to report significant progress on Project CHARGE:

  • Completion of the design office construction, leveraging an empty mezzanine floor to expand our team by a headcount of 6, and provide spacious office facilities.
  • Ongoing enhancements in research and development capability, adding equipment and training to explore key factors such as surface roughness, material finish, and metrology improvements to streamline tab production processes.
  • On-shoring of tab edge preparation to the UK, with a dedicated line at our pilot facility in Cheshire.
    Implementation of “tabs on a reel” production, with in-line QC vision system for 100% inspection.
    12x increase in production efficiencies, with further planned improvements to reach 17x increase from start of project.
  • Dissemination Efforts: In our commitment to knowledge sharing, Avocet Battery Materials actively disseminates insights through the ABM battery school. Our blog posts cover a wide range of topics, from tab failure modes to the impact of coatings on battery performance, attracting a growing audience and fostering engagement with our audience. We also exhibit at numerous shows, and a list of our upcoming exhibits are as follows:

– Battery Show Stuttgart – 18-20th June

– Battery Show Detroit – 8-10th October

The in-house design, build and implementation of our new QC vision systems, TOR production system and overall process enhancements have propelled Project CHARGE to new heights of efficiency and precision. With a focus on automation and quality control, this milestone underscores our solid commitment to innovation and excellence in tab production for next-generation batteries.

The successful integration of our systems and processes not only signifies a major achievement for our team but also represents a new era of efficiency and excellence in tab production. Join us as we continue to push the boundaries of technology and shape the future of battery manufacturing.

Avocet Battery Materials is not just envisioning the future of battery technology; we’re actively shaping it.

Join us on this journey towards a greener, more efficient tomorrow.