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ABM battery tabs for lithium-ion pouch cell manufacturers

Releasing the power of cutting edge battery technologies.

Battery tabs are a vital component of a pouch cell and the highest quality tabs should be used at all times. Tab quality is crucial for the reliable and safe performance of a lithium ion cell; often cell failures leading to expensive recalls can be attributable to poor tab sealing or inadequate corrosion resistance causing leaks.

Battery Tabs provide the connection between multiple layers of current collector plates and the external target source. The tab is welded to the current collectors (foil-to-tab) and then exits the cell, enabling the transfer of power to an external source.

Tab design is crucial for the optimised performance of a cell. Careful design considerations between tab thickness
and width, as well as edge conditions and polymer types needs to be discussed. ABM work in partnership with cell manufacturers to design tabs that are optimised for their cells, ensuring maximum output and safety. We offerpeace of mind that ABM tabs are made with the highest quality raw materials possible, sourced within the EU.

Custom battery tabs designed in partnership with cell makers

Cell chemistries and designs are changing, it is vital that cell component development stays ahead of this innovation. ABM have a wealth of experience in the lithium-ion battery market, and understand the stringent quality requirements for cell tabs.

ABM work with cell manufacturers to understand their requirements and offer bespoke solutions for:

  • Surface pre-treatments to improve corrosion resistance to hydrofluoric acid and to improve adhesion of sealant tape.
  • Physical dimensions of cell tabs.
  • Sealant tapes varieties to optimise performance
    in client specific chemistries.
  • Testing parameters for peace of mind and
Raw material traceability is guaranteed. EUorigin raw materials will be employed wherever possible.

Typically aluminium tabs are used for the cathode and Ni-plated copper used to form the anode, however other tab materials can be used for different cell chemistries and types.

Benefits of ABM battery tabs for lithium-ion batteries

Manufactured with the highest quality materials, sourced where possible from European sources. Superior raw materials = higher quality tabs = reliable and safer cells.
ABM offer supply chain stability; working in close partnership with our clients ensuring we are ready for higher volume orders as cell capacity grows. Work with us to guarantee future supply.
Optimised corrosion resistance and polymer adherence properties providing our clients with peace of mind for the ultimate in cell safety.
Truly customised solutions using our in house design team meaning we can enhance your cell performance.
ABM are a sustainably conscious and ethical company, always striving to have a positive impact on the environment and our communities.
ABM tabs deliver on EU legislation regarding local supply chains and sustainable sourcing, avoiding potentially expensive tariffs in years to come.

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