We are a manufacturing company which recognises that our activity has an inevitable impact on the environment and society. Our commitment is to ensure that this is a positive one.

The Avocet bird was brought back from extinction in Britain and is now the official emblem of the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB).

This symobolises conservation and protection. It is therefore a fitting emblem for our business so demonstrating our commitment to the environment, its protection, renewal and sustainability.

“We are committed to a sustainable production model that delivers product performance whilst simultaneously prioritising collaboration, raw material traceability, renewable energy and ethical sourcing over and above lower cost alternatives that compromise on these beliefs.”

Kieren Hall CEO

Our core values are integral to our vision to establish a local raw material and component ecosystem for today’s green energy market.

This will commence with the first cell tab manufacturing centre of excellence outside of Asia and located in the UK, close to our potential customers. Our modular system of manufacture will allow us to establish subsequent sustainable manufacturing centres adjacent to battery cell manufacturers elsewhere in the world.

We are very aware that as we use energy and raw materials to create these components we ultimately have an impact on society and on the environment. Our responsibility is to make sure that our impact is positive. We believe in SUSTAINABILITY and we advocate for The Global Goals for Sustainable Development.

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