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Kieren Hall

Kieren Hall

Chief Executive Officer
Kieren founded the company alongside Graham and Ryan in 2020, recognising the need for locally produced high quality components for the electric vehicle battery market. Kieren leads the passionate team at ABM from the front. As a graduate of The University of Birmingham, his scientific background, analytical skill set and clear vision have driven the diversification of the Avocet group of companies from a steel trading entity to a specialist distributor of precision foils and now a manufacturer of components with ABM.

Kieren spent 9 years as Sales Director at Avocet Precision metals and helped establish the foil distribution business servicing the lithium-ion manufacturing market. This experience in the battery market was critical in forging Kierens reputation within the industry as an expert in metals for batteries, having unique expertise on metallic raw materials used in new battery technologies.

Graham Hall

Graham Hall

Chief Strategic Officer
Born into a steel family in a Steel Town where the sky lit up at night as the blast furnaces were tapped, Graham was the 3rd generation of the family to have a career in steel but the first toestablish their own company. A graduate of Aberystwyth University and after 15 years in the steel business with a leading steel service centre he established Avocet Steel Strip ltd in 1996.

His vision was to supply the best quality of precision and coated steels at the best possible price to key manufacturers. The business he founded has proved itself to be both successful and resilient and is now fit to take on the new challenge of manufacturing under the banner of ABM. Always forward thinking, Graham actively embraces change and brings the essential strategic experience to the team.

Ryan Johnston

Ryan Johnston

Chief Commercial Officer
A graduate of Manchester University in International Business Ryan has been spectacularly successful in driving the exports for Avocet Precision Metals. He joined the company after working in Australia and the USA as well as in Europe and established the Avocet brand in India, Asia, North and South America and most recently Africa.

Ryan is a key member of the team, highly motivated and driven with a quick grasp of detail and easy manner he is well respected and trusted by our customers.

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